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Rugged Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad are a custom-fit sock insert pad, designed to fit into each and every boot you wear.

Rugged Snuggs™ top-of-foot pad address the following:

  • Helps prevent “Hot Spots” and Blisters on those Ruck Marches!
  • Cushions top of foot
  • Stops heel gaps
  • Keeps your feet from sliding forward and side to side
  • Helps prevent “foot fatigue” caused by loose-fitting boots
  • When climbing or descending hills, holds foot in place and helps keep toes from crushing, bruising toes
  • Addresses different sized feet; use just one pad in boot with smaller foot
  • As your boots stretch out, Snuggs help keep the “new” fit!

Bonus – since these pads are on top of the foot, they do not take on foot sweat smells!

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